Click for more are considered as a dental jewelry accessory. They are caps or fittings usually made of gold but can also be made from silver, platinum or diamond and other precious stones. They are worn over ones teeth either at the bottom or at the top or even both. If one chooses bottom of the teeth, it means one can chose silver bottomed grillz, or gold bottomed grillz as they are the most popular. There are pre-made and custom grillz. For pre-made, one can chose from the variety available in shops. Customized ensure its made to suit the buyers specifications. Some grillz are permanent while other are not. The temporary are generally removable. The permanent grills are attached to the teeth. Most temporary grillz are custom made. It's therefore the buyers choice to the type of grills they want in terms of the precious stones and removable or permanent. Considering that they are made from different but precious stones, their prices vary therefore one has to consider their budget. 

Traditionally only celebrities wore them but a huge number of people are wearing them. This can be attributed to the fact that the jewelry manufacturers have increased and also diversified the products, hence affordability is not linked to low quality anymore. This style of jewelry is a great investment and usually communicates much about who you are, what you do, and where you come from. Mostly it's associated with boldness and social status. The grills should be cleansed regularly as part of maintenance. Click! have been around since early 2000's but still remain popular and fashionable to date. Some people enjoy the attention they get from having them. 

Most grillz have a long life span mostly lasting a lifetime of the wearer. The lifespan can however depend on the care accorded to them by the user, therefore users need to take good care of their dental accessory. With recent increased demand for the grills, jewelry manufactures have diversified their products to suit their clients varying budgets and custom specifications. It's however important to buy from verified manufacturers and shops so as to avoid being conned with fake gold or silver. The custom made grillz are a little bit expensive than the pre-made more time and material might be used to ensure it exactly what the customer wants. They are definitely worth trying out especially for people who would like a sense of uniqueness.